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Email is the #1 infection vector for all kinds of malware including skyrocketing ransomware. Endpoint security often fails to catch phishing attacks that slip through all the filters. This forum is to discuss (spear-) phishing attacks, their sources, background, technical issues and countermeasures.


Ransomware is one of the most damaging forms of malware because it can stop an organization dead in their tracks. Fortunately, there are effective countermeasures and best practices emerging that help mitigate this scourge.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering using the internet has become one of the greatest threats to organizations the last 10 years. Hackers worldwide are working overtime to manipulate employees into giving them access to your network in a multitude of ways.

SAT Best Practices

We all know that end-users are the weak link in IT Security. Old-school, yearly awareness training has not been very effective. So, what are the best practices that will make your employees into a “human firewall”? This forum allows you to discuss anything related to making new-school security awareness training a reality in your organization.

Scripting Tools

There are a number of tools that hackers use to write or develop exploits in the wild. Some of the leading tools used by hackers are Python, SQL, HTTP, FTP and Windows PowerShell, to name a few. Click on the subcategories below to learn more about them and discuss how you currently defend against them or intend to in the future.


This is the area for Knowbe4’s PhishER users to discuss and exchange information about using PhishER. Feel free to help your fellow users based on your experience with PhishER and YARA rules. Please be courteous to your fellow users!

Other Topics

Post your ideas, thoughts or opinions on information security that doesn't fall into any of our main four categories or topics (e.g. Phishing, Ransomware, Social Engineering and SAT Best Practices).

Inside Man

This category is for posts and discussion about KnowBe4’s signature video series “Inside Man”, a network-quality video series we created as an entertainment-based learning experience for your users. Inside Man is now in its second season! This is the place to share your observations about the plot, the characters, social engineering tradecraft, and the tactics and procedures seen in the series. You can also provide feedback about your users engagement with the characters and story line.