[AI SPY-STORY] A LinkedIn Profile With Fake AI -Generated Profile PIC Thought To Be SPY Profile

The AP (Associated Press) associated an AI-generated profile picture on LinkedIn that they say is identified with fake profile likely used by a spying operation. The profile has since disappeared. “Katie Jones” the fake persona has successfully connected with a few “policy experts” in Washington. The profile photograph was scrutinized by numerous experts contacted by the AP and they pointed out flaws and artifacts which are likely due to AI algorithms rather than poor photography:)

According to the AP report:
"The Jones profile was first flagged by Keir Giles, a Russia specialist with London’s Chatham House think tank. Giles was recently caught up in an entirely separate espionage operation targeting critics of the Russian antivirus firm Kaspersky Lab. So when he received an invitation from Katie Jones on LinkedIn he was suspicious.

She claimed to have been working for years as a “Russia and Eurasia fellow” at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, but Giles said that, if that were true, “I ought to have heard of her.”

CSIS spokesman Andrew Schwartz told the AP that “no one named Katie Jones works for us.”

Jones also claimed to have earned degrees in Russian studies from the University of Michigan, but the school said it was “unable to find anyone by this name earning these degrees from the university.”

The Jones account vanished from LinkedIn shortly after the AP contacted the network seeking comment. Messages sent to Jones herself, via LinkedIn and an associated AOL email account, went unreturned. "

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