[ALERT] US-CERT: Potential Hurricane Florence Phishing Scams


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Latest “Current” Event Phishes include Hurricane Florence phishing templates

We have new Templates ready for Hurricane Florence (along with other Current Events) to deal with the potential phishing attempts to your users by the dirtbags who crawl out of the woodwork after a disaster or tragic event to social engineer your users. US-CERT has issued the following warning:

NCCIC warns users to remain vigilant for malicious cyber activity seeking to exploit interest in Hurricane Florence. Fraudulent emails commonly appear after major natural disasters and often contain links or attachments that direct users to malicious websites. Users should exercise caution in handling any email with a subject line, attachments, or hyperlinks related to the hurricane, even if it appears to originate from a trusted source. NCCIC advises users to verify the legitimacy of any email solicitation by contacting the organization directly through a trusted contact number. Contact information for many charities is available on the BBB National Charity Report Index. Users should also be wary of fraudulent social media pleas, calls, texts, donation websites, and door-to-door solicitations relating to the hurricane.

New Current Event Templates

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