Amazon Vishing Robocalls Continue And That Email Notification Of a 55" OLED TV Purchase Is A Phish Too!

Got three more vishing calls this week. The latest was the Amazon robocall which says your account is restricted due to suspicious activity please push #1. These calls seem to be originating from India or Pakistan call centers. The number used in this round was an 800 number which deviated from prior 844 numbers. Interestingly, when I called back originating 800 number the recording in a female voice said “you have reached the Traveler’s (insurance company?)” This fax number is no longer in service. Have they tapped into a discarded VOIP fax line? If you do respond you may be put on a hot list which will be resold to other scammers and your amount of fake calls could go way up. Resist the opportunity to scam the scammers. In December, the FTC posted a warning with voice examples. The scammers have continued to improvise staying up late in the boiler room call centers programming new variations. And those Amazon Invoice emails telling you someone bought a brand new 55 inch OLED TV on your dime for $1575 dollars is a phish. It triggers your urgent attention button.

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