Anyone have experience with RansomFree from CyberReason?

(Mike Bennett) #1

This product claims to be able to protect an individual PC or a server from a ransomware attack. My first round of investigation makes the software look good. Actually, very good. I would really like to hear from some of you cyber-security pros. Thanks in advance.

(John Butler) #2

I just received an email about this company. I have spend all morning doing some research to find out more about them and what their services are. Will be downloading the software on a non work computer first to check it out. Will let you know what I think next week,

(Julio Garcia) #3

Our security rep @ eSentire [cyber security firm] commented positively on this last night on LinkedIn. I’m trying this for home use.

(Corbett Enders) #4

I haven’t needed to, but if I did, I’d probably start here for free decryption tools. This is a consortium of leading security companies providing the free service.

(Sergio Galindo) #5

The tests I ran - it did not stop my personal tests including InsideCryptor, Locky, Mover, Replacer, Streamer and Thor…but would like to hear from others…

(Ben Cheung) #6

I ran the RanSim software from Knowbe4 on it and it failed all of the tests that the simulator threw at it.

(Francesco) #7

I also ran RanSim with RansomeFree running and had the same result as Ben, 0/10.

Here’s a screenshot of the results:


(Julio Garcia) #8


I downloaded and tried running RanSim and it was blocked/quarantined.

(Will Jeansonne) #9

Hi Julio,

Please read this article on how to prevent RanSim from being blocked on your machine by your anti-virus or anti-malware apps:

Will Jeansonne
Community Manager

(Borg Xaeus) #10

I have tested similar solutions and they are not entirely viable and usually are invasive.

Basically, most solutions create some pseudo-randomly named documents in a root location and then monitor them. If something tries to encrypt them, the respective process is halted. But many things can go wrong, including the monitor process itself being halted before the encryption takes place.