Are your terminal's broken

(David A Hahne Sr.) #1

Recently, I had a conversation with good ole mom and found out she had an interesting phone conversation recently. A man called her and reported to her that he discovered that two of terminal’s on her computer were broken and that he would have a tech in the area next week that could fix them for her. After 20 minutes of talking without a break, my mom asked if he was finished, and he said “yes”, it was then and there she informed him that she has never owned a computer and has never had one installed in her home and has never had a connection to any internet service ever! After that he abruptly hung up and she has never received a call back since. Guess the tech never made it into the area to repair her terminal’s.

(Edwin Eekelaers) #2

He ( the tech ) must stil be stuck in a traffic jam on the Nigerian motorway.


I had a company from India contact me twice this year so far. The rep was yawning the second time, and there was a lot of noise of other con artists in the background. He was insisting I had a virus on my computer, and my computer had sent them a notification. I told him to never call this number again and I was reporting him to the police department. He said okay and hung up abruptly. It has been months since I have not heard back from the con artists. I hope this is the group the government arrested recently.

Here is a link stating how they do it:

(David A Hahne Sr.) #4

My nursing home administrator and I were working on another computer issue, when a call came in. When my administrator answered the phone, it sounded like a call center with many, many voices in the background. The person began his sales pitch that there was an issue with his computer. My administrator replied which one, I have twenty five! (he knew and I reminded him quickly that this was a phishing expedition). The person responded your computer, you home computer, again my administrator answered, which one of three and the man said, that one of them has reported a problem and we attempting to help you fix it. Funny, my administrator says, my computer is not on right now and the man on the line became frustrated, then my administrator responded to him, you do realize you are calling a business, at that point the man hung up without any further call back since. I counted what I believed to be about at least a half dozen or more voices in the background all speaking to somebody about their computer issues during that call. When a half dozen or more people begin to gather together to rip people off, to me there is a reason for concern about how committed and how desperate the bad guys are becoming. The lone wolfs are out there, but now there beginning to run in packs!