Badge Definitions

(Will Jeansonne) #1

Hey Folks,

Here’s the HackBusters Badge dictionary that will definitely help you understand how badges are earned:

P.S. They may earn you free swag in the future (not just t-shirts!) :wink:

Will Jeansonne
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(Luis Lucas) #3

Thanks for the update


(Edwin Eekelaers) #4

Just had a read of that badge section. Thanks for the explanation. Too bad i have to wait 367 days to get the anniversary badge :wink:

(Will Jeansonne) #5

Our pleasure, Luis! Yes, badges are an integral part of the Discourse system. They will also help us identify some of our most ardent supporters and reward them accordingly. :wink: Hey, but everyone that participated in our preview launch gets rewarded with a free t-shirt!

Look for the email soon!

Will Jeansonne
Community Manager

(Will Jeansonne) #6

Yes, last time I checked there was 365 days in a year. :wink:

(Edwin Eekelaers) #7

I’m not counting wrong @Will . Target date for the badge is 09/12/2018

(Will Jeansonne) #8

Right! The system or code for the badge added a couple of extra days, I suppose for good measure. :wink:

(Edwin Eekelaers) #9

@stus should have invited me sooner. Love to unwrap & get new things :grinning: