(Edwin Eekelaers) #1

Perhaps i am misunderstanding the requirements for receiving badges but i keep on getting the “welcome badge”. Doesn’t the text that goes with the badge indicate you get it once someone liked your post for the very first time or do you get it each time someone likes a post you made?

(Will Jeansonne) #2

Hi Edwin,

You receive a welcome badge every time someone likes a post of yours. It’s a bit of a misnomer, so we’ll look into modifying the badge title.


(Edwin Eekelaers) #3

If there is a feature you want checked over the weekend when there are nearly no visitors fel free to ask as i work weekends

(Will Jeansonne) #4

Hi Edwin,

Nah, we’re pretty much good to go here. We have a good support team behind it all. BTW, we just updated the navigation to include a sticky navbar so that you can easily navigate throughout the site now without having to scroll back up the page to move to a different category or section and/or the home page…

Will Jeansonne
Community Manager

(Edwin Eekelaers) #5

No problem Will , t was but an offer since i’m in a totally different timezone and work weekends… I have plenty of time then to go thru a site with a fine toothbrush.