Blog Feedback


I have started a blog, to try and get non-technical folks to care about IT security. Having those around me more secure just helps me be more secure. My latest post is at I would appreciate any feedback, good or bad, since the goal is to encourage people to read and take action on what I write. Thanks in advance!


I like your Blog. It is very easy non technical people to understand that they are not secure, nor are their children. You mention how your work can keep tabs on you, this is true (we do at times). You mention Open DNS as a good dns filtering site, I like that site as well. From there maybe add some solutions in a broader scope for the normal user… IE: A good antivirus and/or parental controls can filter websites as well. Parental controls can be used for adults as well. They can be used to filter out offensive and known malicious sites. Instead of links to more articles, maybe link in some resources to simple to use online tools? Great writing!..I found I was at the bottom of all your posts before I stopped. That doesn’t usually happen to me, I have limited focus lol It captured my attention to the very end! Keep it up!