China Increases It's Surveillance State - How far is too far?


(Howard) #1

China is going full tilt using all kinds of biometric devices to create the largest surveillance state
on earth so far. How far is too far in biometric recognition?

China has a social credit system that is expanding every day.Today they are installing RFID readers along roads and each car will get an RFID tag (think EZPASS) which they say they intend to use for traffic flow. They are also installing palm readers for turnstile and payments. With all of this data in a unified system connected to 1.3 billion facial profiles, it has the potential to be used for nefarious purposes.

China launched a Social Credit system in May which is like a credit score may be used to ban travel on planes and trains.

National ID cards are fully implemented with China’s huge facial recognition surveillance system covering billions of people. While there are practical sides and uses to streamline traffic flow etc; the potential for “social engineering” of the worst kind is ever present. “China has stated that all 1.35 billion of its citizens will be subject to its social credit system by 2020, and travel restrictions for low-scoring citizens is only one of many to come.”

All of this reminds me of a great movie called "Minority Report, Phillip K. Dick’s action-detective thriller starring Tom Cruise. The movie takes place in Washington, DC in 2054. He is pursued by the “mind police” for a murder in a crime he has not yet committed but detected by psychic technology so accurate it is presumed almost 100% reliable.

So how far is too far?