Crypmic - CryptXXX clone

(Scott Martens) #1

We had a user get hit by CryptMic, its a clone variant or CryptXXX. There is no publicly available decrypter, and paying the ransom will only get you a decrypter that doesn’t work in most cases. Be careful where you browse.

(Steven Porter) #2

Browsing the back alleys of the Internet - somewhere close to the fringes of the dark net - is always a good place to be digitally mugged… what concerns me is the potential number of infected banners appearing on otherwise legitimate sites that entice the unsuspecting user to click - or even worse, mouse over - to begin a background download. The bad guys have found a way to monetize their nefarious activities to the point that they can now recruit some of the best and brightest, and they’re getting better every hour or every day. Until we can find a better way of stopping all this in transit we’re collectively going to continue fighting a defensive battle that we can never win.