DDoS on Dyn

(Edwin Eekelaers) #1

Although a DDOS attack is in essence not ransomware i’d like to ask here who else got affected yesterday by the massive DDOS attacks on DYN

Article from Krebsonsecurity.com here.

@Will feel free to move if there’s a more suitable place for this in the community.

Didn’t know it at first but yesterday i wasn’t able for a few hours to access the Hackbusters community.

Strangely enough the company i work for didn’t suffer at all ( or at least nobody reported any issues ).

DDOS-ing a single pc’s not that hard but when they go after something like the DYN infrastructure with traffic loads between 6-800Gbps then i fear there is not a lot you can do less someone has the perfect solution against it. Feel free to say you got hit or not and discuss countermeasures against things like this

(Will Jeansonne) #2


I’m fairly certain HackBusters wasn’t down yesterday at all or at least I wasn’t alerted to the problem if there was one. It may have been your connection to the Net.

Will Jeansonne
Community Manager.

(Edwin Eekelaers) #3

when i tried to access the community i had a rocksolid connection from a place that can’t be disclosed so there must have been some routing issue.

(Will Jeansonne) #4


It was definitely on your end. Here’s the response from Discourse…

Nope! Anything that’s more than a few seconds long “blip” is always reported on our twitter feed:
Sounds highly likely that this particular downtime was local to that user.

(Edwin Eekelaers) #5

Could be that our local WAN in town or the ISP was affected because at the same time i did have a decent connection to other sites. But it’s besides the issue. I fear that this attack on DYN won’t be the last we hear from this army of idiots that try to disturb our lives

(Mel Green) #6

Parts of our sites were definitely affected - our main site had the TTL set to 5 days for both our www and our CDN, but some of our smaller sites had the TTL for content set to 5 minutes or 2 hours, and those sites were pretty much unusable during the outage. We also saw issues with PayPal which is a payment option on our main site.

We couldn’t even log into DYN to change anything once we realized what was going on. The frustrating piece is that of course we had sold DYN to upper management as the best solution because they’re so big! Of course that’s part of why they were attacked…


Services we use to do business were down, but nothing we serve out, branded as us, was affected. Those services were back up before we had to ‘fail over’ so over all nothing was impacted, except for the panic of possibly ‘failing over’ to plan b.

(Edwin Eekelaers) #8

Whenever managements uses those words in the same mail as the date from one of my working days then i immediately submit a holiday request because i know their plan B is worth nothing.