Decryptors Now Available For All Latest Versions of GandCrab. Bitdefender Adds Decryptor for Ver. 5.2

Bitdefender announced today they have created a tool for decrypting the latest version 5.2 of GandCrab and added it to the other GandCrab decryptors found here on the Nomoreransom Project Download Site. Just enter GandCrab in search or scroll down to GandCrab. This means that all recent versions are now covered. Bitdefender says that in 2018 the GandCrab ransomware was responsible for more than 50% of the ransomware market. About two weeks ago, the GandCrab scammers posted a retirement note boasting to their affiliates they having been so successful that they are retiring and that they proved evil prevails and no retribution follows.
Posted here: GandCrab Bows Out with Final Message. We win. We didn't get caught. We got rich. Evil prevails

You can read the long story about GandCrab here from Bitdefender’s blog post. Let’s hope they stay in retirement.