Dell Announces Security Breach Took Place on November 9th

(Howard) #1

ZDNET has the story
"US-based hardware giant Dell announced today a security breach that took place earlier this month, on November 9.

Dell says it detected an unauthorized intruder (or intruders) “attempting to extract customer information” from its systems, such as customer names, email addresses, and hashed passwords. The company didn’t go into details about the complexity of the password hashing algorithm, but some of these --such as MD5-- can be broken within seconds to reveal the plaintext password." This is a developing story. Dell has indicated there was very little exposure but reveals sometimes come in dribs and drabs. Waiting for my new monitor and password reset. A great feature of Dashlane and many password managers is that they can auto-login and reset your password to a randomly generated one. Don’t forget to also set up 2FA/MFA
though if available.