Disappearing Navigation

(Brian Thurman) #1

When browsing a category, the navigation menu at the top disappears forcing you to use the Back button to return to the topic listings to continue navigating topics. Just something I noticed.

(Sean Ohlrich) #2

It would seem that any page starting in the folder /t/ does not have the menu showing. Any topic or page that is landing at the root of the site still maintains top menu visibility. I am sure this is an easy fix in this CMS system. :slight_smile:

OK. Almost all root-level pages. The Badges page https://discuss.hackbusters.com/badges does not follow my previous anticipated limitation.

(Sean Ohlrich) #3

Quick question. Why would you want to run Discourse 1.7.0 Beta 3 when Discourse 1.6 was just released less than a month ago? Are we helping Discourse troubleshoot their future products here or just the HackBusters implementation of a beta product? I would think implementing a beta product to security-minded people would be counter-intuitive? Just my 2ยข