Dishing On Phishing: Are Your Employees Black Belt Cyber Defenders?

If you missed this year’s KB4-CON held in Orlando, Fl in May, you can catch up on some of the observations and interviews with Knowbe4’s employees as Cybersecurity Ventures roamed the show behind the scenes. This interview features Perry Carpenter, Knowbe4’s Chief Evangelist, and Strategy Officer. Those of you who met Perry at the conference know how approachable and willing to share information about his passion and wisdom on Security Awareness Training based on years of experience in the industry and as a former Gartner analyst. You can catch his interview as well as several others, including Kevin Mitnick our Chief Hacking Officer in their KB4 series “ Dishing on Phishing” Archives. There are even interviews with other KB4-CON attendees. For a good overview of the event read the first in the series dated 5/14/2019. A good overview of the presentations.

Interview with Perry Carpenter - 09/10/2019

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