Feature Request - Ability to share files

(BJ Beier) #1

It would be nice if there was a way to share files with users, such as a public repository or adding files to posts or comments. Possibly even an area on your profile to share items. Files would need to be scanned for issues of course.

(Phil Fowler) #2

I agree. Especially if they could be categorized as a File post. For example: Suppose several people posted items related to incident response. One posted a powerpoint addressing a training framework, another posted an incident response policy, and another posted a detailed incident response plan. If all of these attachments or file uploads could be pulled together in a group that could be searched, that would be awesome!

(Dan) #3

I’ll get on this bandwagon - great idea!

(Ryan Jensen) #4

I agree completely. It would be very handy.

Another thought; ability to follow users?


Feature Request: Job postings. :grin:

Thank you in advance.


Feature Request: Link to invite others over and receive credits/points. :wink:

Thank you much. :champagne:

(Will Jeansonne) #7

Done, guys! And thanks for joining HackBusters!!

P.S. I added .txt, .pdf, .ppt., .bmp.


Wow. That’s impressive you’re that responsive. It makes me more likely to use this forum. Thank you.

(Will Jeansonne) #9

Oops! Ran it by our in house subject matter expert (Stu) and no go with, .ppt and pdf. So only .txt guys at least for now.

(BJ Beier) #10

I’m not sure I understand where to upload/attach txt files.


Add me to the list of supporters for a file sharing area. To add to that I would like to see it broken down into categories (i.e. Training Materials, SOPs, Mitigation, Best Practices(can even break that one down further into OSs, Firewalls…), etc.)

(Edwin Eekelaers) #12

I’m kind of glad it got bounced as i wouldn’t trust it if someone were to share a ppt or pdf here lest it comes from a reputable source… When i download such a file the first thing i do is to scan it directly.
It’s not because it comes from Microsoft or even KnowBe4… It gets scanned or i am not opening it.