Feature Request - Better Reports

(BJ Beier) #1

First off, KB4 is fantastic. We’ve been using the platform for quite some time and really built up our training and phishing program. However, the reports leave a lot to be desired. The phishing reports are decent, but the training reports are terrible. The training reports are extremely basic and must be run per course, not campaign.

I’d like to see reports for executive overview for delivering to the Board as well as detailed reports for showing auditors/examiners and steering committees. I know there is the ability to export data as CSV which could be used to build custom reports, but I would be nice to see better built in reports.

(Jessica) #3

Hi! Thank you for saying KB4 is fantastic, I’m glad to hear that it has been a help to your security program. Our development team has the improvement of reports as a top priority and appreciates input like this. It would be really great if you could send me some examples of thing you would need specifically for Board Members, auditors, etc. You could send this in a private message so I can pass this on to development as well as see what I can get to you in the meantime!