Forensically Examine Phishing Emails That Were Reported to PhishER - Blog Series

Highly recommended post from our blog. PhishER users can discuss it here.

In this series, our security experts will give a behind the scenes look at phishing emails that were reported to PhishER, KnowBe4’s Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform. We will go in-depth to show you real-world attacks and how you can forensically examine phishing emails quickly.

Each Phishing Catch of the Day will focus on a single phish attempt and describe:

  1. What context or pretexting exists between employee, hacker and email.
  2. What red flags one can look for before falling victim.
  3. What attack vector is being utilized and for what purpose.
  4. What steps to take to inoculate users from similar attacks.


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