Free phishing software for organizations of 500 employees or less



For you little guys, here is a freebee. Check out Phishme and their offer of free phishing software.


(Jessica) #2

Awesome! Here’s a blog post on this topic as well!! :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Jessica S. Community Manager / Managed Services

(Todd) #3

A little late chiming in…I am a new KnowBe4 customer and we have approx. 360 users. I was going to look at the Free Phishme idea, but prior to signing up for anything, I did a bit more research and poking around.

Well, we ended up going with KnowBe4, not because of anything negative about the Phishme idea, but I knew that I would need more features than what Phishme had to offer and something that would be relatively hands free.

As I type, I am running our first baseline test and currently at 15.6% clickers :flushed: but I was pretty much expecting that or more. Probably would consider it closer to 18%, but my custom landing page didn’t get saved to the campaign versus the fake 404. So some people have not clicked to “change their password” since others said the link was broken. Grrr!

But for companies that do not wish to spend money, I would highly recommend checking out the Phishme, since any awareness is better than zero!

(Jessica) #4

Hi Todd,

Welcome to the KB4 family! A few years back we did an analysis of our first 1,000 customers (basically 300,000 end-users) and we found our average blind Phish Prone % to be 16%.

Luckily training and recurring phishing tests will lessen your organization’s overall risk rate. You may want to check out the thread, “What’s a realistic phishing test failure rate?” to see how your peers are doing.

  • Jessica S. Community Manager/ Managed Services :globe_with_meridians:

(Todd) #5

Thanks Jessica,

As I said in my first post, I was expecting 18% or more, well, last night we hit 18.2% :laughing: What I find even more funny is I told the IT team to ignore any emails or voicemails on the email…well, that brought in additional clickers. Seems a few folks forwarded the email to us since it was out of the norm, but due to lack of immediate response from us, they deduced we were busy with the ‘security breach’ and clicked away. Pretty much what I figured. Gotta love Social Engineering examples.

(Jessica) #6

Hi Todd,

Thanks for sharing! :joy: I really enjoy watching users’ natural behavior unfold and later, seeing them with an improved security conscious mindset. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you after they have some training under them!

(Todd) #7

So just to update this thread…we hit 20.6% Clickers (+0.5% for some being told not to click). :exploding_head: That is a hair over 1 in 5 users clicking.

Let us see what the future holds…I informed folks about training coming up soon…oh the “Woe’s me”, “We don’t have time”, “I never got a virus before”, etc…

More updates in the future! :tongue: