Game of Thrones The Ending. What Did You Think? [Spoiler Alert]

Game of Thrones final episode aired on Sunday May 19. We talk about about great TV shows in the Other category --usually those relating to social engineering or hacking like Mr. Robot but not always. If you haven’t seen the ending to GOT you you may not want to click on the blurred text unless you want to see my opinions about the final episode. This topic is for posting your thoughts on the ending. In a few days the ending will be widely written about so maybe then the spoiler tags can be removed. The forum supports BB Markdown language. Text written using spoiler tags will blur text until you click on the text. Clicking unmasks it to the viewer. Easy to use. Please use these tags if you respond to this topic so all responses will remain blurred for the forum members who don’t want to know the ending.This example shows how to create a spoiler tag but to avoid masking my own sample here I’m using upper case { } instead of the actual lower case [ ] open {spoiler}and end {/spoiler} so please substitute to make it work for you. You can read my take on it by clicking on the blur.{blurred}.

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The final episode of GOT was not what I hoped it would be. Seemed like the writers were late for their hotel checkout and stoked to get their bags down to the desk and off to the airport before their final checkout as GOT writers.

I’m sure many thought the writing team should have been banished along with Jon to the Night Watch. It was not the wrap up I nor many others had hoped for. Yet, It’s an extremely complicated story with complicated set of great characters. George Martin, a stickler for very unique numerous, and complicated characters (lots of heroes and villains) “Song of Ice and Fire” is still a work in progress. Originally comprised of three volumes it is currently slated to comprise 7, according to Wikipedia and still remains unfinished. The consensus seems to be that a lot of people disliked the writing in Season 8 and all of that seems to now make sense in retrospect. I didn’t think this season was awful just not as good as it gets. The nigh long battle with the White Walkers was great and the interaction of the characters on that night before their battle was almost good enough. We already knew that things were unraveling for all the main characters in previous episodes and we were guessing who would survive to ascend the Iron Throne.

Front runners were Dany, Jon, Arya, Sansa, or maybe Tyrion. There was always a chance for the wild card (Bran??). All eyes were on the front runners while Bran had a third eye advantage. [Alert} Some of the previous plotlines were leaked by an insider so the internet was abuzz and I’ve since watched YoutTube channels predicting Bran on April 21st and one article almost verbatim leaking the plot in several episodes.

The writing seemed to start to falter even in prior seasons. There are some good answers as to why and that’s because the pipeline of story coming from George Martin choked forcing DB Weiss and David Benioff to wing it . In the next to last episode the HUH scene for me was the mission with Arya Stark and the Hound to assassinate Cersei in her castle. All of a sudden, after her long quest to become an assassin, Arya decides to leave the Hound and her mission – to pursue another life. She does eventually sail off into the horizon during the finale. The Hound and Mountain’s mortal combat battle required a hefty amount of suspension of willful disbelief as the Mountain seemed to as impervious to swords as the White Walkers taking one directly through chest —and yet another through his brain which didn’t seem to give him so much as a headache. But hey, we already believed in White Walkers, the Knight King, and Dragons so we’ll let this pass. Then the writers went all metaphorical on us. Arya sailing off into the sunset in the finale and the symbolism of the White Horse appearing for Arya to ride away from the carnage at Winterfell felt awkward, off balance, and out of character.

After the take no prisoners killfest rained down upon the civilian population of Winterfell, Daenerys (Dany) Targaryen and her Dragon “Drogon” keep on killing long after Cersei (and Jamie) are crushed under tons of rock (their faces seem to remain unblemished as Tyrion finds after the city has fallen. And after hardly a handful of poor civilians remain. Jon tries to no avail to stop the slaying of the remaining defending soldiers but Greyworm has his orders and completes the mop up attack. Nothing Jon can do. At this point, there is absolutely no doubt that Jon Snow would be unable to reconcile a relationship with Dany AND be able to live with himself. So you know their relationship now has serious issues. Peter Dinklage had by far the strongest performance of the entire series. But the writers chose to have Tyrion really stupid judgement calls advising Dany. So his watch as a strategic planner sadly erodes like quicksand leaving him lucky to be alive.

None of my friends predicted Bran the Three-Eyed Raven would be the ultimate choice. Probably because we overlooked an early season hint and I guess weren’t watching the recent leaks. Bran had the all-seeing wisdom to qualify but it was anticlimactic to the series. Then Sansa quickly is named Queen of the North and opts out of the 7 Kingdoms. Jon Snow, after killing Dany, was banished by The [Counsel members which included: Samwell Tarly -Grand Maester, (who suggests democracy and gets a good laugh) Davos Seaworth - Master of ships, Bronn - Master of Coin and High Garden, Brienne of Tarth, who presumably is now Lord Commander of the Kingsguard (as she penned Jaime’s entry into a page of the White Book – (each member of the Kingsguard gets a facebook page in the 300 year old book), Yara Greyjoy - Lord of Iron Islands, Robin Arryn -Lord of Kingdom of the Mountain and the Vale, Gendry Baratheon - Lord of Storm’s End, Yohn Royce - Lord of Runestone.] As punishment for killing Dany, Jon is sent back to the Nights Watch to endure frozen Arctic temps for life. But he was dead before so he’s use to being stone cold dead and under appreciated. Trying to end the season with this one episode failed miserably IMO due to the complicated nature of the characters and plot. And so my friends it all boiled down to time. George Martin, the author of Song and Ice which supplied the plots just couldn’t keep up the pace and hence no more golden eggs. The writers had to make do on their own. Martin apologized to his fans in his blog stating – he’s got many irons in the fire and a few new shows coming on HBO. Some may be in the realm of but not sequel to GOT.

GOT just needed more episodes fed by the eggs the writing engine/genious G. Martin had to produce to allow the team to pull it together. I felt underwhelmed and disconnected with the storyline and writing of the finale as did the million viewers who signed petitions to rewrite the ending season. A sad end for a series that should still be considered among the greats. As Gizmodo succinctly said it. “After eight years and just as many seasons, some of which were harder to justify than others, *Game of Thrones’s abruptly concluded last night. Whose arcs were good? (Sansa, I guess?) Whose conclusions felt even remotely consistent with the set-up the show worked to achieve? (Not many!) And who is going to dump their HBO…” I’m sure I’ll fondly remember the show as the finale fades in memory and who knows might even watch another round in the months ahead. Although it’s tempting to conclude that DB Weiss and David Benioff and 8 season series writers badly wounded GOT by Valyrian steel in these final episodes, maybe we should take into consideration the almost impossible job of trying to wrap up a decade of a work in progress in a few episodes without your eggs on

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