"Good Enough” Free AV Software Argues For Security Awareness Training


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"Good Enough” Free AV Software Argues For Security Awareness Training

A surprising number of security experts agree that most users shouldn’t pay for a traditional antimalware suite. Windows 10’s built-in protection, plus good security habits, are enough. Building good habits is where security awareness enters that picture…

As it turns out, Windows Defender has a lot to offer businesses and non-profit organizations, too. Special facilities comprise Microsoft’s Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) that goes well beyond the capabilities of many endpoint solutions with preventive protections, post-breach analysis,
automated investigation and response, security intelligence and more.

Organizations that license Windows Pro or Enterprise or that obtain such licenses through subscriptions to Microsoft 365, can use these facilities for little or no extra cost.

At the same time, they can also lower the risks of successful breaches or compromises through security awareness training. Overall costs involved will usually be less than those for a purely technical, software-based endpoint security solution.

The net result is reduced exposure to risk for companies or organizations savvy enough to invest in their people, who present the biggest attack surface of all.

Are you going to upgrade to Windows 10, rely on Defender and use your AV budget for new-school security awareness training?

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