(John Raley) #1

I’ve been in IT for 16 years now. I started in running cables and installing networks, progressed to Unix\Linux administration, then started to help out on desktops and lead me to Windows administration. I’ve done it all from being the only IT guy to Director of IT. I am currently a Windows Systems Administrator and working in Health Care. Since I started in *Nix, I am a big PowerShell supporter in Windows. As a Systems Administrator at my current job I work as a Network Admin and IT Security as well.

(Edwin Eekelaers) #2

Be welkome John. I’m glad to meet other powershell fans.
Don’t be afraid to launch a get-help if you are in need.

(Dan) #3

I know I could use PoweShell help! maybe we can start a new forum category for that LOL

(John Raley) #4

I will be glad to help. Our Sr. Systems Engineer is a MS PowerShell MVP as well.

(Edwin Eekelaers) #5

I’d be interested as long as the community elders would agree with it?
@Will what do you think of it ( perhaps if we can keep it compliant to the purpose behind this community? )…

(Will Jeansonne) #6

Hey guys, sounds interesting! As long as you keep it security related it’s possible we could spawn a new category. But’s let’s check with @stus (Stu) first, since he’s captain of the ship. :wink:

Will Jeansonne
Community Manager

(Edwin Eekelaers) #7

I think this could be a really interesting issue since powershell can be used for good but also for very very bad things. The more we know about its powers the better we can secure ourselves against the dark side of the code… I’m convinced the captain of the ship is well aware about the risks & dangers from Powershell.

(Will Jeansonne) #8

Yes, I agree Edwin. Thanks for the suggestion. We should hear back from Stu soon.

(Will Jeansonne) #9


Good news! We’ve setup a dedicated category for Windows PowerShell, as you suggested. If you would like to lead the discussions in it, please feel free to do so. If it really takes off, we can discuss the possibility of you becoming a moderator for it.

Thanks again for your outstanding participation in our new forum!

Will Jeansonne
Community Manager

(Edwin Eekelaers) #10

i’ve written my introduction there & tagged you so you can jump in on it and set the boundaries of what is acceptable within this community.