(Mansi) #1

Hey Everyone,

I am interested in forming teams for the various Hackathons happening. Below are few of the ones that I know of, if you have other similar events like CTFs or are interested in attending these ones please do let me know! These are all free + a great way to get free stuff and network.

  1. Sept 10th - 11th in SF http://apiworld.co/hackathon/
  2. Sept 30-Oct 2nd in SD https://www.sdhacks.io/
  3. Oct 8th-9th in Tempe, AZ called Hacks for Humanity (it wouldn’t let me post the link here as there is a limit of 2 for new users)


(Edwin Eekelaers) #2

Never got interested into anything involving the term “hacking” not even ethical hacking.
I am from the belief that in order to protect myself better that i should know more about it but besides reading a few ebooks about pen-testing i just haven’t bothered yet… I wonder what KnowBe4’s opinion would be about such events. Useful or just a potential can of worms to burst open.

(William Beckman) #3

I would highly recommend that you do your study on white hat hacking. This will give you added tools to help you better know how to better protect yourself or if you are a security professional protect the company’s assets. This will help you understand how they break in so you can add the best defense to help prevent against it. To your question I would try it just to see what it is.

(Mansi) #4

I am a graduate student in Cyber Sec so it’s one of the tools I see that has value. “Hacking” is just exploiting vulnerabilities, and let’s face it in this day and age everything can be/is going to be hacked. By being able to find your own vulnerabilities through such tools like pen testing etc, you’re just adding another layer of security.

(Edwin Eekelaers) #5

You got a point there. Maybe i’m just being paranoid. I just worry that there are too many of such events and nobody keeping an eye on it to see if things stay legit…