Hacker Who Scraped 700 Million LinkedIn Profiles Says It Was Just For Fun

The hacker who found a way to hack the LinkedIn API and scrape 700 million profiles now selling for about $5,000.00 says the primary reason was fun. “The scraped data is useful to attackers for a range of other attack techniques including credential stuffing, brute forcing, phishing, social engineering, and more.”


The hacker, who calls himself Tom Liner, told the BBC that it took several months to hack Linkedin’s API and he is selling user data from the platform to multiple customers for around $5,000. Though he wouldn’t tell the BBC who his customers are, or why they would want this information, he says the data is likely being used for further malicious attacks.

Hacker behind LinkedIn scraping grabbed 700m profiles 'for fun' | 2021-07-20 | Security Magazine

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