[HEADS UP] Announcing Domain Doppelgänger. Identify Look Alike Domains!


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New complimentary tool to be released Sept 27th!

This is the very first time I am giving you a heads-up about a new, complimentary tool that you really should run ASAP. It’s called Domain Doppelgänger and will be released Thursday September 27th. When I saw the results for KnowBe4.com I was quite surprised. Schedule 10 minutes of your time this Thursday…

Announcing Domain Doppelgänger

Domain Doppelgänger makes it easy for you to identify potential harmful domains and combines the search, discovery, reporting, risk indicators, and end-user assessment and training all in a single, no-charge, easy-to-use web-based tool. With Domain Doppelgänger you can identify look-alike domains that can spoof your brand, product, or organization names and receive data-driven risk assessments you can use if you need to take action.

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