[Heads up] New 8thlayerInsights Podcast: Finding Your Path: Mid-Career Moves into Cybersecurity

Tune into this new episode of Perry Carpenter’s informative 8thLayerInstights podcast series!

This is a follow-up to Season 2, episode 4 –Bridging the Cyber #skillsgap. Many listeners contacted me saying that they loved the episode, but wished that I’d put more focus on people trying to find a #career in cybersecurity later in life. So, consider this episode a Bridging the Cyber Skills Gap Part 2.

We’ll hear the stories of several people who’ve come to #cybersecurity a bit later in life. And expert tips on how to make the most of your cyber journey. This episode features interviews with Alethe Denis, Tracy Z. Maleeff (a.k.a. InfoSec Sherpa), Phillip Wylie, CISSP, OSCP, GWAPT, Lisa Plaggemier, Naomi Buckwalter, and :shield:Alyssa Miller.