[Heads Up] The COVID Remote Work Mandate Skyrockets "Work From Home" Training Enrollments

[Heads Up] The COVID Remote Work Mandate Skyrockets “Work From Home” Training Enrollments

KnowBe4 was one of the first to warn first about the impending COVID phishing tsunami on Jan 31, 2020. The bad guys did not disappoint and went all-out, all cylinders firing, and pulled out all the stops. KnowBe4 immediately started working on a dedicated " Internet Security When You Work From Home " and rolled out a fresh, high-quality, on-demand interactive training module to make sure that employees would continue to have security top of mind and stay on their toes even when they were working from home in less-than-optimum circumstances,

We did a quick intermediate analysis of the training and KNowBE4 customers immediately rolled out this module for three hundred thousand employees in just the month of April.

Total users enrolled in training jumped 23% from Feb-20 to Mar-20, and jumped even higher from Mar-20 to Apr-20 with 32%. Course completions kept track at very similar trends at 15% and 25%.

With the COVID-19 pandemic being maximally exploited by cybercriminals, customers understood that training their employees was a bigger must than ever. The graphic below illustrates the numbers and the very real need to step users through more new-school security awareness training than when they are in the office.


You are encouraged to use this data when you present or resubmit your security budget proposal. If you are not a KnowBe4 customer yet, you can see this module at no cost if you register for a modstore demo where you can browse and see all the training materials.

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