Hi Tech Tailgating - How to Defeat that Lingering Thermal Finger Press Signature

If you’ve stepped through your SAT training, you know what tailgating is. The social engineering trick of following an authorized person through a locked door avoiding security to gain entry to your organization. It may be as simple as a person holding two cups of coffee hoping some helpful employee holds open the door to avoid security. What is Hi-Tech tailgating? Many premises use an access control security system (keypad) that requires a passcode to gain entrance. Most good [en testers know that when you press any object it leaves a thermal imprint for a period observable by a thermal camera? Observing the imprint is not in itself enough to gain entry as you must know the order in which the keys are pressed. Having an inside observer can help to figure out order sequence. Watch this link to see how to partially defeat the lingering thermal signature. Great video from YouTube Lockpicking Lawyer.

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