Holiday Phishing Template Contest

(Jessica) #1

:christmas_tree: We are having a phishing template contest for the holidays!! There will be a prize! :christmas_tree:

Contest Rules:

-Make a creative holiday-related phishing template by 3PM on Thursday, December 14th.

-The template must have some element of a Winter, Holiday, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve theme.

-Take a screenshot of the template and share in this thread.

-Save the template!

If you’re struggling with something on the template, you can reach out to me for help. The creativity/direction of the template is up to you, though!

Winner(s) will receive a prize and template(s) will be available to all KnowBe4 customers in our System Templates.

References: Customizing Emails & Landing Pages

  • Jessica S. Community Manager/ Managed Services