How about some Good News for a change?

(Lisa) #1

Not going to preach here however, it might be a good opportunity to also discuss the positives that come from the work we do. I participate in another cyber awareness forum like this and find it just a wealth of knowledge and comradery. I believe the folks who work in Cyber Awareness number few and far between so the more sharing of what works, the easier the job will be for all of us! Thank you for creating a new platform to share knowledge!

(Virginia Garcia) #2

I agree Lisa. The more knowledge we share the easier it is for all of us. This is a great platform and additional resource to have for knowledge in cyber awareness.

(Edwin Eekelaers) #3

That’s why i am here. To learn from other Pro’s.

(Dan) #4

Like the idea…

Based on the KnowBe4 modules and the responses I have been getting from staff from the phishing tests:

“We don’t click on anything you send us now”

I have been working on an in-house presentation to cover email security, links, attachments, headers, etc…to cover ways to spot a possible malicious email threat. I’m going to be presenting to all managers in 2-weeks. Going to make it a lot of questions and answers - hope its not all guessing :unamused:

Going to be handing out candy too. Anything to get this interactive!