How long do you use KnowBe4 training/phishing simulation for?


I’ve had my KnowBe4 account for a few months now, used for training users and some phishing tests, and I’m wondering if I should renew after 12 months. How long have you had/do you intend to have your account?

(John) #2

It may be to early for me to comment, as I’ve only had our account for about 3 weeks now. I have only run a baseline phishing test against 165 users with a result of 11% clickers. Training for them begins next week.

However, I opted to go with a 3 year subscription. My belief is that continuous training and testing is a key factor in helping keep users aware/alert, safe, and help keep numbers down. We get into routines or habits and then things start slipping. That is when that one users clicks something and brings down your network. However, as I said, that is my belief.

I personally would renew, but that depends on several factors. Money being the one big factor. If your company can set aside money for training than do it.

(Michael Bustos) #3

Our first phishing test went out about 6 months ago. I think we would have gotten 0 clicks on our last test if it weren’t for our new users. It only takes one weak link, so as we get closer to the end of our subscription, we’ll need to make sure to renew in such a way that we can continually train new hires and keep everyone else on their guard.


Thanks for your input.
I did another phishing campaign last week and got about 30% failure rate, so it just shows its important to continue funding the awareness training.

(Justme) #5

Continuous training is key and you have to account for staff turnover.

(Jeff Henderson) #6

I have had my account for about 4 years. We started at over 20% on our phish failure rate and now we are down to sub 1% for the year. Even though it is so low I will continue the program because even 1 failure is too many. I also do 2 tests per month.

(Daniel Beato) #7

I have been using it continuously as phishing techniques and other infections change overtime. So it is best to be safe.

(Will Jeansonne) #8

Thanks for all of your support, guys! We love honest and straightforward feedback on our products and services.

Will Jeansonne
Community Manager

(Daniel Beato) #9

I have been using KnowBe4 for now 4 months and it works well, users are learning new things every day.

(Chuck Kissel) #10

My company plans to doing training once every year. Starting in the 2017 Training Campaign in a few weeks. And enroll all new employees up until December for that year.
We do a phish test quarterly and then we do a follow up with a reminder to have everyone complete their individual training courses.
We plan on keeping KnowBe4 and if our tests go from %5 to %0 failure rate we then will start to really make our phishing test a whole lot harder.

(Steve) #11

We have been using knowb4 for 2 years. We went from 25% click rate to 3% in the first year. I believe we will continue its use. We have around 200-300 staff so always new staff arriving who need training. We have added the training to staff induction. Well worth the fee in my opinion.

(Warren White M.S. Cybersecurity) #12

Since users are pretty much the last line of defense from a corrupted network I think the training can be invaluable. Anti-virus software and other intrusion prevention system can only keep out so much. If one user can bring down a company it seems that having users trained would be a necessity. Social engineering is one of the most implemented tactics to gain entry into sensitive data and has proven to work very well. It is awesome to see other people’s success rates using the KnowBe4 product. I agree with everyone here and say ongoing training is necessary, especially with new hires and people who failed the phishing tests.