How Low Can you Go? How About Exploiting Sick Children?


(Howard) #1

Bleeping Computer reported today that there’s a new iteration of CryptoMix Ransomware with a derpraved twist.

Cryptomix is not new. It was discovered in 2016 via malicious spam campaigns and exploit kits, such as Nuclear, Neutrino, and RIG according to MalwareBytes.

But in this new iteration, the scammers use real stories from legit crowdfunding campaigns set up for sick kids as part of the messaging in their ransom campaign messages. And they have the gall to position it as a beneficial service on behalf of sick kids. Yea there just doing their part to make this a better world. Sickening. Disgusting. Low Life. etc.

Bleeping Computer: "With people becoming more aware of ransomware, criminals are coming up with some pretty low life schemes in order to coerce victims into paying ransomware. Such is the case with a CryptoMix ransomware, who pretends to represent a sick children’s charity and is asking for a ransom payment as if it was a charitable donation.

“CryptoMix pretending to be a children’s charity is not new, but this latest iteration is taking it to the next level of depravity by including stories and information taken from legitimate crowdfunding pages for sick children.”