How much time do you spend active inside of PhishER? How many messages do you get daily?

If you aren’t getting that many messages daily is it because your front-end protections are in place or because your end users aren’t reporting suspicious emails? What automation do you have set up to reduce the time spent inside of PhishER?

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Hi Chris,

We may spend about an hour in the console among 5 people during the course of a week. We receive anywhere from 40 to 100+ reports a day. We average around 1000-1500 reports a month.

We have set our PML scores relatively low so more than 90% of our reported items get auto resolved via AI/ML and/or the actions I have made.

When AI/ML isn’t confident enough, our analysts get alerted to manually triage. We call these “undetermined emails”. This is what the hour a week is spent on.

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