How to Check links on a Smart Phone

(Dan) #1

Email hyperlinks, when hovered will display the path. How do you accomplish this same task via a smart phone? When I press and hold the link, it only asks to open the link in a new page/window.

(JBrown) #2

It would appear that only Apple products has this capability :-/ Android phones need to get on the ball. On an Apply device, all you do is press and hold on the link and it will pop up with what the address is and then of course what you want to do with it. Looks like there are apps or workarounds for the Android but nothing built-in like Apple…this is where is makes me a sad Android user.


I have had this work for my android. However, I no longer check email on it because of my security concerns. I would be curious what the advice is now. Thanks for posting the question.

(Dan) #4

Within the KnowBe4 phish tests on my iPhone, not all the links are spoofed, but the email when viewed in Outlook are all spoofed. I wonder if tthe mobile code is different?

I see this specifically on the new Yahoo! hack test.

(Gordon Lemon) #5

My 4 year old Droid does that just fine: hold on a link and get a menu to Open in a New Tab
Open in incognito tab
copy link address
copy link text OR
Save link. Be Happy!

(Lisa) #6

I have an android and have several email accounts linked to the phone. Some apps let me touch and hold to view the link, but others don’t. It seems to be app dependent not device.