Inexpensive Ethical Hacking Course on Udemy $10 until Sept 4

(Rich Sibincic) #1

Pretty hard to go wrong with a $10 course.

And, no, I do not work for, nor do I get any kickbacks for posting : )

(Edwin Eekelaers) #2

There are a couple of good free ebooks available about pen-testing & ethical hacking. I’d suggest to read some of them first so you get a feeling for it and then decide if you want to continue with the matter before dishing out money on something you’re not sure off even if it’s only 10US$. Seriously i even doubt the quality of such a cheap training…

(Andrew Nickless) #3

Care to share the titles of those free ebooks?

(Edwin Eekelaers) #4

Thru PM yes, on the community No because it’s not my own creation… So nudge me privately and i’ll see what i can do.

(Edwin Eekelaers) #5

There is one book i like. Advanced penetration testing by Lee Allen but this one ain’t free


I like Cybrary. It can be a bit dry, but it gets the job done quickly and thoroughly.