[INFOGRAPHIC] New Report Shows Users Are Falling for Security and HR-Related Phishing Attacks

KnowBe4’s latest quarterly report on top-clicked phishing email subjects is here. These are broken down into three different categories: social media related subjects, general subjects, and ‘in the wild’ attacks .

Full Infographic with Top Messages in Each Category for Last Quarter:**

The Top 10 Most-Clicked General Email Subject Lines for the Past Quarter Include:

  1. Password Check Required Immediately
  2. Vacation Policy Update
  3. Important: Dress Code Changes
  4. ACH Payment Receipt
  5. Test of the [[company_name]] Emergency Notification System
  6. Scheduled Server Maintenance – No Internet Access
  7. COVID-19 Remote Work Policy Update
  8. Scanned image from MX2310U@[[domain]]
  9. Security Alert
  10. Failed Delivery

Most Common ‘In-The-Wild’ Emails for Q2 2021:

  • Zoom: Important issue
  • IT: Information Security Policy Review
  • Mastercard: Confirmation: Your One-Time Password
  • Facebook: Your account has been temporarily locked
  • Google: Take action to secure your compromised passwords
  • Microsoft: Help us protect you - Turn on 2-step verification to protect your account
  • Docusign: Lucile Green requests you to sign Mandatory Security Training documents
  • Internship Program
  • IT: Remote working missing updates
  • HR: Electric Implementation of new HRIS

*Capitalization and spelling are as they were in the phishing test subject line.
**Email subject lines are a combination of both simulated phishing templates created by KnowBe4 for clients, and custom tests designed by KnowBe4 customers.

Download full Infographic here.

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