iPhone IMEI?

(mark romiti) #1

I’m selling an old iPhone and somebody asked for the IMEI. I won’t provide until sold, am I right in refusing?

(Dean Proffer) #2

I was confronted with the same situation a while back. I never found a definitive answer, but from my research, it seemed that there was at least some risk in providing the IMEI prior to the completion of the sale.

I have sold at least a dozen iPhones on eBay over the years and have only been asked once. I have also purchased a few and never asked for it. I just make sure to take good before and after pictures and make sure my pictures include the serial and IMEI in case someone tries to swap a non-working phone after shipping.

Best of luck!

(Alex S) #3

I heard in Eastern Europe some hackers could change iphone IMEI from black listed iphone to working one… better safe than sorry

(Edwin Eekelaers) #4

There are several ways to do so and you don’t even have to be a hacker to do it but hey it’s illegal. They call that jailbreaking too. And btw, it’s not only an Eastern European phenomenon. I could take you downtown in nearly any Chinese town and you would have a new IMEI code in under 60 seconds. Even where i live ( Belgium ) there are places ( usually the ones of the shady kind ) where you can have it done.

Seriously if you plan to sell the phone then don’t even leave them alone with it unattended.
*#06# doesn’t take more then a second or 2 to enter and it will display the IMEI code without having to disassemble the phone.

(Ken) #5

Any information you supply can always be used against you!!
This said if you are intending to sell the phone and have factory reset it then there is nothing on the phone to glean off it.

Also if you are selling the phone and DON’T want your IMEI to be used on a blacklisted phone then don’t supply until it’s been handed over and cash has been collected.

The mantra should always be " better safe then sorry"

(Corbett Enders) #6

Is there any legit reason someone would want the IMEI before purchasing? ie: to confirm carrier, unlocked status, etc?

(Bill DiCocco) #7

I would want it before purchase to verify it was not already on a black list.

(Ken) #8

@cenders The IMEI can be used for a number of things. I would not hand this over cart blanch.

(micah christopher pendleton) #9

Of course, if you gave him or her that your whole phone would be taken over!! What a joke.

(micah christopher pendleton) #10

Also, they’ll track wherever you go.