January Content Update: Including the new 2020 KnowBe4 Social Engineering Red Flags Training Module

Here are a few important updates to share with you from the month of January.


KnowBe4 is excited to announce the rollout of a new and improved interface for the ModStore in the KnowBe4 console.

The new ModStore interface was designed to give you easier and faster access to the KnowBe4 content library with enhanced search and filtering capabilities that help you browse and preview content based on your specific security awareness program goals and the learning needs of your users.The ModStore serves up training content in a more intuitive and user-friendly format. Your home page now displays featured content banners and more holistic training recommendations you can add to your training campaigns. You’ll also see new training content tiles you can hover over for quick info on any piece of training content.

With the new ModStore design, you can:

  • Browse training content by your program maturity level for ongoing learner engagement and topical application and retention.
  • Search across a variety of cybersecurity topic areas including Attack Vectors, Compliance, and HR-related materials.
  • Filter training content on multiple criteria selections such as content type, language, and duration. For example, show all video training content available in both English and Spanish that are under 5 minutes, or other criteria combinations relevant to your organization’s needs.
  • See at-a-glance all associated training modules and educational reinforcement content available in a given training series.

To see first-hand the new KnowBe4 ModStore, sign up for the Modstore Training Preview now
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