Joined today - KnowBe4 is great product!


I have worked for local government a number of years and transitioned from mainframe to security about 3 years ago. I have been working with the KnowBe4 product for a few months and love it! It provides a larger set of templates for phishing campaigns from the previous product I used. I am sure this will be a great site to share information for training, phishing campaigns and other related security topics.


(Edwin Eekelaers) #2

Be welcome in the community. I hope we don’t have to think of the NSA or CIA when you talk about local government. Would have to drastically lower my rant then :smirk: Seriously it doesn’t matter where you work as long as you like the job and it pays well. I wish i had the oportunity to work for KnowBe4 instead of the place i work right now.

(Jessica) #4

Oh man you should totally come work for KnowBe4… we have beach views!

(Eric Nelson) #5

I agree. KnowBe4 is great. I just did a demo for our local SpiceCorps user group in Ft. Collins, CO. A member from one of my organization’s partner agencies wants it a demo for their group too. You can’t have enough phishing tests and education! Especially with today’s ransomware outbreak!