Just joined the site

(Mike Calhoun) #1

I have been receiving the KnowB4 Emails now for about 3 month’s. I have been please with the information and articles. I am an IT Operations Manager and while I am not the security guru here I am responsible for it. Thought this would be a good place to hear about what others are doing.

(JBrown) #2

I have been receiving the KnowBe4 emails too but for a couple years now. I have tried hard to buy into their Security Awareness program during that time; however, I had been denied. It wasn’t until recently that one of our users feel victim to social engineering that was finally the pivotal moment for me to really express my case. I am now getting ready to launch my security awareness training campaign so I am pretty excited to spread that knowledge around.

(Julian Spring) #3

New member, have been enjoying and sharing the KnowBe4 emails with my co-workers. Great source of information and I am looking forward to seeing how this site develops.


I am new to KnowB4 and this site. Looking forward to reading the discussions.

(David A Hahne Sr.) #5

Just recieved my email about the new KnowB4 forum, decided to join and I am looking forward to becoming more security savvy than I have been in the past.

(Paul Olson) #6

Hello- New to the site but have used KnowBe4 for several (4) years. the KnowBe4 tool has been very instrumental in reducing my company’s exposure, and we use metrics generated by this system to show management / board one set of statistics that highlight how we are working to protect the company from phishing issues. the outlook toolbar but on to report phishing attempts has been a welcome addition as well.

(Baker) #7

Hello folks! I have been familiar with KnowB4 for a while now from their presence in the Spiceworks Community, but now our company is a customer! Very happy for that!

Looking forward to finding out more about the hackbusters community. :slight_smile:


I just joined. I’m interested in keeping up with the latest information on cybersecurity. Thanks.

(Scott Berglund) #9

been receiving knowbe4’s updates for a while, thought i would check out this site to see if would help me stay up on security related information.
currently a sys/security admin.


I’ve been using KnowBe4 for a while now. Really like their services and products.

(R Lisembee) #11

We are new to the site. We welcome any advice this site may provide.

(Allison Carrillo) #12

I have just joined the site today. Looks like a good place to learn new tools.

(Neal Kehres) #13

I just joined the site today. I have been receiving emails from KnowBe4 for a number of months. The information has been very valuable and I have passed it on to members on my team at work. I look forward to geeting additional information on this site.