KnowBe4 Customer

(Annette) #1

Our company has been using KnowBe4 as our SAT company for about two years and are very pleased with what training they have to offer. I am exited to be a member of this community!

(Will Jeansonne) #2

Hi Annette,

Thank you for the kind words about our company and you’re enthusiasm about joining our community! We hope it will become a unique source for InfoSec and IT professionals in general over time.

Will Jeansonne
Community Manager

(Stan Richardson) #3

Hello, We started using KnowBe4 last year at our school. We have done some initial training and some phishing tests. Very much an eye-opener for our teachers and staff. We are just starting the school year so I hope to pick up where we left off in June and continue the awareness campaign. Hoping to keep up to date and learn from this community. --Stan

(Annette) #4


I am hoping to learn from this community as well. We are on our second year with KnowBe4 and they have added a number of training modules and templates recently.