KnowBe4 Fresh Content and Feature Updates - June 2019

Check out the content and feature updates in the KnowBe4 platform for the month of June!

Branded Training Certificates BrandedCertificate
Our customers asked, we listened! You now have the ability to create and upload a custom background image for your training certificates into the KnowBe4 platform.

When your users elect to download a course completion certificate, your custom background image will be used to generate it.

Using branded certificates can give your completion certificates the look and feel of your brand, which users will find more familiar. The customized certificates of completion are available at the end of each training module.

End User Training Surveys
With end user training surveys, you now can collect feedback from your users and use that feedback to select future training that makes sense for your organization and culture.

Gather feedback from your end users after completion of a training or video module where users rate the following:

  • Helpfulness of Content
  • Length of Content
  • Presentation of Content


User feedback can provide insight into learning styles and preferences for your organization. This will allow you to tailor your training campaigns based on user feedback so your users will be engaged and inclined to complete other training in the future.

KnowBe4 User Event API
You already know the importance of frequent year-round simulated phishing attacks and security awareness training for your users to help you build a more resilient and secure organization. You also likely track, monitor, and measure your users’ security-related events or activities in many ways with third-party security assessment and monitoring tools.

What if you could take your most important risk events on users from all your physical security and cybersecurity controls, import them into a single place, and use this information to augment the personal risk scores of your users and also automatically assign custom training or phishing campaigns based on these events?


Now you can with the new KnowBe4 User Event API. The new User Event API enables you to send custom security-related user events from your third-party security platforms (like Mimecast, Splunk, etc.) or any other external data source and push to your KnowBe4 Console in order to add these events to your users’ timelines.

The User Event API helps you continue to evolve and refine your security awareness program by adding these events to your users’ timelines and augmenting their personal risk scores to help you tailor specific phishing and training campaigns that ultimately enable your users to make smarter security decisions. The new API is available to KnowBe4 customers with a platinum or diamond level subscription.

For more details on the new API, read the blog post here.