KnowBe4 Protects Tampa Bay Water: Cybercrime Magazine.Dishing On Phishing: Security Awareness Training Is A Must Have For Utilities

Cybersecurity Ventures was in residence at this year’s KB4-Con. They will be doing an article a month called “Dishing on Phishing.” This article discusses how Knowbe4 helps Tampa Bay Water avoid a cyber meltdown. Tampa Bay Water’s, Joseph Wityshyn, an information security specialist, Knowbe4’s Greg Krass, Chief Product Officer, and Knowbe4’'s Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, Roger Grimes, are quoted. Hope to keep you up to date with more of these articles from KB4-CON!

Dishing On Phishing: Security Awareness Training Is A Must Have For Utilities

KnowBe4 helps Tampa Bay Water avoid a cyber meltdown Chaos and catastrophe are two words that come to mind when thinking about the potential outcome of a cyber attack on a water authority. That was confirmed by Joseph Wityshyn, an information security specialist at Tampa Bay Water when we met up with him at last month’s KB4-CON, the world’s largest security awareness user conference, organized by KnowBe4.

Tampa Bay Water supplies wholesale drinking water to governments serving more than 2.5 million people in Hillsborough County, Pasco County, Pinellas County, New Port Richey, St. Petersburg and Tampa, in the state of Florida.

Even though the principles are the same, staying on top of cybersecurity for government-related infrastructure has its own set of consequences that are different from businesses. Losing access to electrical power, water, healthcare, or other key services can cause all sorts of chaos. For some reason, the images of all post-apocalyptic movies come to mind when I think about cyber breaches at utilities.

But thanks to Wityshyn, his co-workers, and KnowBe4, Tampa area residents can sleep a little easier, if not stay hydrated at the same time. This is no small feat. “I do everything on the endpoint end,” says Wityshyn. “I make sure all of our employees have specific training in regards to what they need to do to keep our data secure.”
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