KnowBe4 Second Chance

(Dan) #1

Anyone here using this feature?
I cannot get this to work on any WIN 7 machines and I cannot figure out why.

(Thomas Whitmore) #2

I’m testing it at this time. I’m on WIN-7 64 bit. I had no problems beyond the limited documentation and layout of the pages. What step are you at in implementing it? Did you contact support?

(Dan) #3

It installs just fine, but won’t register in Outlook - links just go straight to the website. I have been working with support, but no resolution yet.

(Chris Littlefield) #4

Hi Dan, I’m with the KnowBe4 Support Team and would be happy to assist you with troubleshooting your Second Chance installation. If the install proceeded without any issues, the first step would be to check if the two Second Chance (SC) services are running: KB4SCSvc and KB4SCWDSvc.

If those services are not running, please try to restart them, and then try clicking on a link in Outlook to test SC again. If you get the same result, then the SC logs will give us the best information on what’s causing the issue. You can submit a support ticket by emailing and we can review those SC logs.

(Dan) #5

Services are on and the diag tool was run on that machine and sent to the case

(Daniel Beato) #6

Working on Windowd 7 and Windows 10 all 64 bits here. What Outlook version do you have?

(Dan) #7

Win 7 / Outlook 2013 = not working
Win 7 / Outlook 2016 = Started working after 3 days
Win 10 / Outlook 2016 = working on some, but started working on others after last second chance version install

I’m not ruling out my network, but same AV, same AV permissions, same web permissions, etc…

(Dan) #9

you have an interesting take…I’d be interested in hearing the rebuttal from KnowBe4 on your reply.