KnowBe4 Updates Training Campaigns

(Jessica) #1

On March 10th KnowBe4 released the first set of changes to our training campaign set-up. Working as a tech support and now in charge of managed services, I found myself coming up with creative ways to ensure all end-users were getting through training, given an adequate time frame to do so and then manipulating the process when new employees were added. Perhaps many of you may have experienced some form of this.

With the update, you now have three options for your training campaign’s end date.

  1. Specify Date: This will be a hard deadline for your users to complete the assigned training, no matter when they are enrolled.

  2. Relative Duration: This is the recommended option for most campaigns, as it will give a deadline based on when users are enrolled, sending out optional notifications based on that selected duration. Having a deadline is recommended as it gives users an incentive to complete the training.

  3. No End Date: This is perfect for additional, optional training you’d like to provide to your users, so they can take courses on their own schedule without an urgent deadline. This will leave the training campaign open indefinitely. Later, you can alter the end date or cancel the campaign if you need to.
    You may already have your new employees getting automatically enrolled into an active training campaign, but now you can give them a specific amount of time to complete their courses based on their individual enrollment date using option 2 above. This should help you cut down instances of changing the training end date to accommodate those users added after the start of the campaign.

The next feature allows you to automatically move around users within groups once they have successfully completed their assigned courses/modules. Maybe you have assigned your “Clickers” group some remedial training, you may now have them taken out of this group as soon as they complete that training. You can also make a group specifically for users who have taken training this year.

Some clients have asked how they could assign training to users on a staggered (or ordered) basis automatically. You could set up four campaigns, one to start at the beginning of each quarter, with the Q1 campaign targeting All Users, and the subsequent three campaigns targeting a Q2 group, Q3 group, and Q4 group. Your Q1 campaign could Add Completed Users to the Q2 group, your Q2 campaign could Add Completed Users to the Q3 group, and so on. This way users will only be enrolled in the additional courses if they have completed the previous campaign’s courses, like a prerequisite.

Let me know what you think of these new features, how you plan on using them and if you want to see specific features in the future :wink:

-Jessica Community Manager/ Managed Services

(Tim) #2

This is great! I’ve always wanted to set up training campaigns based on a relative duration, I’ll be sure to test it out on our users.