KnowBe4 Vishing: Potential Fraud Caller Alert?

Hi folks,

We recently rolled out a vishing campaign in KnowBe4 to a client’s mobile, and when the call came in, it showed up as ‘Potential Fraud Caller’ on his phone.

He is using a Samsung Galaxy S9, on the Vodafone Ireland network. I also use the Vodafone Ireland network, but with a different Android phone (OnePlus) but saw no such message when I had tested vishing to my own number, nor did my colleagues who also use Samsungs.

KnowBe4 support say there is nothing they can do currently - some phones or security apps will make a good guess that the number calling is a potential fraud and label it as such for the enduser.

Have any of you experienced this when vishing clients, and have a workaround in place?

Thanks in advance for any help,

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I’ve use Samsung devices. is one of the call blockers that was bundled with Samsung. They claim partnerships with over 100 carriers. You might reach out to them or Samsung. The Hiya app might have a setting to unblock. I believe you can whitelist.

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