Knowbe4's CEO "Stu" Sjouwerman quoted in PC MAG article on 6 Ways SMBs Can Avoid an Email Security Nightmare

“Stu” Sjouwerman, Knowbe4’s CEO and Founder, is quoted in this PC Magazine article 6 Ways SMBs Can Avoid an Email Security Nightmare.
Email has always been a weak spot for IT security. It’s a ubiquitous tool for most businesses, not just for basic communication, but also email marketing. That makes it a sweet attack vector for hackers. Of the emails being sent daily, 6.4 billion messages are fake, according to cybersecurity company Valimail. It also reports that 1 trillion phishing emails are sent each year.

"According to Stu Sjouwerman, Founder and CEO of KnowBe4, a company that provides security awareness training, email is actually the No. 1 attack vector, or path, with which a hacker can attack a computer.

“Email security is a funny animal. Everyone in the company needs to have it if they’re communicating with the outside world, but email is a massive attack surface,” Sjouwerman said. “It was created to arrive; it was not created to be secure.”

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