Let's get this started

(Jack ) #1

Hey all!

I noticed this lonely introduction category category here, so I figured someone should get it rolling.

I am new to KnowBe4, but have been working in IT and security for a few years now.


(Lee Esselstrom) #2

I saw this was empty too.
I’m new here but not to the IT industry. I get the KnowBe4 emails and have been reading the blogs for a while now.
I am always looking for new info to protect our clients so I will be snooping around a lot. :slight_smile:

(JBrown) #3

I, along with many others, is new to this as well. I am in the IT world and am a Network Specialist. I look forward to all the discussions and what I can learn from here.

(Danielle) #4

Same as the above, I’m new to here as well. Even though I do not handle security for my company, I love keeping up-to-date with the latest from KnowBe4

(David A Hahne Sr.) #5

New to KnowB4, and have been in IT for about 3 yrs. Looking forward to learning more, especially since I am now 2nd guy in charge for a Nursing Home and the security of its business and patient information.