LinkedIn Data Scape Puts Almost All Users in One Handy File Available on Hacker Forum |OSINT motherload

A few days ago a hacker offered the data of 700 million LinkedIn user (estimated to be 90% of all users) info [excluding banking details] for sale on a Hacking forum. Since the file lacked financial account data it is assumed to be a scrape rather than a breach. Microsoft fired back today at media who are categorizing this as a data breach rather than a scraping event. The big fuss is that now the file of nearly all LinkedIn users is available in one handy download for anyone willing to purchase it. That’s an OSINT motherload and mighty convenient for scammers who will use it for all kinds of social engineering, phishing and vishing scams. Mobile phone numbers are also included it the user posted that to their account. It’s seems to me that its highly plausible that this database was cross pollinated with other sources to if it includes a large number of mobile numbers. I doubt the vast majority of LI users post their mobiles. You might want to look over your LinkedIn account and do an audit of what is the least amount of personal information you can post and still get the benefit of networking. Would you post your mobile number to a LinkedIn account?

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